The Exhibition

Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre is located in an old school house built in 1898. It houses an exciting exhibition which outlines the history of this exquisite village. The story of Ardagh is one of history, literature and storytelling. This exhibition draws on the rich fabric of Ardagh life down through the ages, from the roots of the village in Irish mythology, to its development as an important early church site and its emergence as a model estate village. Over the years, Ardagh has played host to writers and musicians such as Oliver Goldsmith, Sir Walter Scott, Turlough O'Carolan and Maria Edgeworth. Now as one of Ireland's tidiest villages Ardagh presents its history and bids welcome to all. Feel free to drop in and browse the exhibition during opening hours to experience this history for yourself. Call Annette (086) 3027602 or Ann (087) 2326553 to arrange a visit outside normal hours.