Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Find us on the Heritage in Schools expert's panel

We are delighted to be able to announce that we are now registered experts on the Heritage in Schools panel. You can find out more about the scheme at www.heritageinschools.ie and you can view our profiles here:

If you would like to book a visit to your school contact us to arrange a date and discuss what you would like covered in the visit and you can then book through the Heritage in Schools portal.

All of our usual school programmes are still available in Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre. You will find details of those here: http://creativeardagh.blogspot.com/p/primary-schools.html

Monday, 13 January 2020

St. Brigid's Cross Making

Join us for our annual St. Brigid's Cross Making Workshop at Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre on Sunday 26th at 12pm. €5pp, Tea and coffee included along with some stories about St. Brigid and her connections to Ardagh and the traditions of the past.

Friday, 25 October 2019

Ardagh Fright Fest 2019

Here's a snippet from the TY visits during the week. Thanks to Nathan Sheridan for this video and to Shelley Corcoran and Longford Arts Office for arranging it.

Restoring the Balance is the theme of Ardagh Fright Fest 2019. This year the popular TY photography exhibition returned and almost 200 students joined us during the week to view the exhibition, hear stories from Scéalta Beo and take part in a clay workshop. Brendan Farrell started off the other events with an informative look at Winter Gardening. Tonight (25/10/19) we are joined by Karina Tynan who will explore the legend of Midir and Etain from Fuamnach's perspective and tomorrow (Saturday 26th) she will join Ruth Long and Scéalta Beo on an author panel looking at the relevance of Irish Mythology to the world today. Ruth continues this theme with a workshop for teens and adults delving into how ancient myth can be used in modern fiction. Family event Ardagh School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Year 9 brings Ardagh Fright Fest 2019 to a close on Sunday and Monday at 12pm. See http://ardaghfrightfest.blogspot.ie for more details.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Maths Week workshops

We are delighted to be hosting workshops for Maths Week again this year. Our Weights and Balance workshop will be available for schools and other groups from Monday 14th to Friday 18th October.
This will include a number of practical, interactive maths activities as well as a look at historic scales and weights. It is suitable for all ages. Call us on 0863027602 or 0861717925 or email creativeardagh@gmail.com to book your group. The workshop lasts for 1.5 hours and costs €5 per person.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Watch out for full details of Ardagh Fright Fest coming soon.

Ardagh Fright Fest returns at the end of October with a full line up of Spooktacular events as usual. Ardagh School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will return for Year 9 along with the popular TY photography exhibition. Watch out for full details of all events soon, but for now here are some photos from other years.

Saturday, 6 July 2019

The signs have arrived, are they at the right trees?

Lots of you have noticed that the Ardagh Tree Fairy signs have arrived in the Neighbourhood Park and on the Brí Leith Walk in the last few weeks. Well done to those of you who already let us know that some of the signs on the hill are not at the right tree. This is not a mistake. The Tree Fairies want us all to slow down and really look at and appreciate the nature around us. One way we can do this is to look closely at the trees and plants on the walk. See what insects you can spot, watch the bramble flowers transform into green, red then blackberries, note what is in flower when, and maybe take time to sit and draw some of the views. The Tree Fairies would love to see your art.

These photos show a tiny selection of the ever changing nature on Brí Leith
Did you see the tadpoles? Has anyone noticed any frogs yet?
If you have any photos of the flowers, plants, trees, bees, birds, frogs or anything else you have spotted on the walk send them to us at creativeardagh@gmail.com and we will share them here.

If you want to play "Is this my tree?" with the Ardagh Tree Fairies on your next ramble up Brí Leith download the file below and you can let us know if any of them are actually beside their tree. The Ardagh Tree Fairies are tricky little beings, they often move from where they last were when least expected, so keep an eye out every time to see if they stay put.

Right-click to save image and print your own copy.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Full day workshop with Lora O'Brien on 1st June

All Day Workshop Event with native Irish Draoí, Lora O'Brien, in County Longford on Saturday 1st June 2019. Take your Irish Paganism Step by Step; covering the main topics you need to get started.
PLACES ARE LIMITED - BOOK NOW! - https://irishpaganschool.com/p/workshop

Based on the most commonly asked questions from her extensive communities and groups (both online and in person), Lora O'Brien - who has been a practicing Irish Pagan for over 20 years, studying and working professionally within her native tradition for most of that time - goes through the basics that you'll need to get started with a genuine, authentic approach to Irish Paganism.
{PLEASE NOTE: This is info and booking for the Live In-Person All Day Workshop Event. For the online version of this course, see here - https://irishpaganschool.com/p/10steps}

In this One Day In-Person Workshop, the steps you'll go through are:
-- Spirituality and Magic
-- Source Material and Resources
-- Ancestors and Culture
-- Local Sites and Protocol
-- Native Plants and Animals
-- Divination and Magic Methods
-- The Irish Sidhe
-- The Irish Gods
-- Daily/Seasonal Offerings and Practice
-- Otherworld Journeys
-- PLUS -- a unique Guided Journey for your Daily Practice.

Whether you are just beginning on this path, or a seasoned traveller from another tradition, you'll find new or remembered knowledge when you get back to basics with our 10 Steps to Irish Paganism.
BONUS: All In-Person Attendees will get FREE access afterwards to the Online Course version of this workshop at www.IrishPaganSchool.com (value, €75).

Saturday 1st June - 11am to 6pm
Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre, Ardagh, County. Longford, Ireland.

Again, this is available for a limited number of Students Only - Please Book Early. [Online Bookings will secure first places.]  Price is €80, monthly payment plan available. https://irishpaganschool.com/p/workshop

Learn more about Lora here:
- Blog, Teaching, Tour Guiding and Books -  https://LoraOBrien.ie/
- Irish Heritage and Mythology Products & Gifts - https://EelandOtter.net/
- Online Courses and Live Events - https://IrishPaganSchool.com
- Find your Authentic Connection to Ireland on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/LoraOBrien