SFI Discover Centre

We currently offer two SFI Discover Science programmes, Woodland Creations and Exploring Colour, which integrate science and maths with visual arts.

Woodland Creations
Take a nature walk with us in the Neighbourhood Park and discover some of the common trees, plants and other living things. Seasonal scavenger hunts are available.

Collect leaves, twigs and other small found objects to create your own artwork with. This workshop is most suitable for infants to 2nd class, but can be adapted for senior classes.
SESE Science, Strand: Living Things, Strand Unit: Plants and Animals.

Exploring Colour
The unique properties of light and colour are explored in this workshop. Experiment with prisms to create a rainbow, mix the primary colours of light to create coloured shadows and learn about the different primary colours of paint by mixing greens, purples and all the colours of the rainbow.
This workshop is most suited to 3rd to 6th classes but can be adapted for younger students.
SESE Science, Strand: Energy and Forces, Strand Unit: Light.

A video of one of our SFI Discover workshops can be seen here:

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