Self-directed Learning

At Creative Ardagh we are passionate about learning and we believe that the best education involves playful exploration and comes from curiosity and personal interests.

What drives you to find out more about the world?
What do you want to know more about? 
What creative project could this learning lead to?

Whether it's art or astronomy, ancient civilizations or modern technology, gardening, cooking, traditional crafts, ocean life, geometry or zentangles chances are we have resources to share to let you ignite your own passion for learning. Mostly we want you to have fun! Who knows where it will lead?

Drop in to be creative and learn something new at our self-directed learning sessions (contact us for details). Resources include books, project materials, toys, games, jigsaws. You can try everything from your ABCs to college level course texts in a range of subjects including art, literature, history, science, languages etc. Open to all ages from toddler to adult, lots of guidance available on request. €5 per person, per hour to use our art room, library and materials. Discounts available for extended periods and families, please ask.

A small selection of the books and resources in our library.

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