Thursday 1 September 2022

Heritage in Schools visits


Now taking bookings for visits to schools between September and December through the Heritage in Schools scheme: Ann or Annette can come to your school for one day, or if you book five sessions with the same specialist the fifth visit is free. Choose from Storytelling and mythology; Life in the Iron Age; Exploring your Townland or Biodiversity in the school garden.

Storytelling and mythology
Scéalta Beo come in Celtic costume and have props and visual aids to enhance their storytelling. Mythology and storytelling helped our ancestors understand and deal with crisis, which makes them very important tools in this era of climate change. We tell many of the ancient stories of the Tuatha Dé Dannan our favourite being the local legend of Midir and Etain. Midir was known as a judge and given the task of restoring the balance which is very relevant to the times we live in.
Life in the Iron Age
Interactive practical activities, discussions and stories combine to demonstrate what life was like in Iron Age/Early Medieval Ireland. The session(s) can cover aspects of society and every day activities: buildings, clothing, jewellery and metalwork, food, biodiversity, games such as fidchell, weaving, foraging, natural dyeing, Brehon Laws including the importance of trees, fire festivals and ogham script.
Exploring your Townland
Discover all you need to research and explore your townland: delve into its history, find out the meaning of its name and look at local built and natural heritage close up. Using this as inspiration create your own art or writing based on what you learn.
Biodiversity in the school garden
Whether you want to design a vegetable garden from scratch, develop sensory areas, get guidance for the Biodiversity Green Flag or just look closely at native trees, mini-beasts or animal habitats around your school, Scéalta Beo can help you explore and creatively interact with the outdoor learning environment, getting hands-on experience and connecting with the living stories all around us.
See our award-winning biodiversity videos here:

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