Monday 20 March 2017

Hand in Hand Parenting workshops

Zsuzsanna Egry a specialist instructor is visiting from Europe for two days only on 22nd and 23rd April. Explore this cutting edge approach to gentle parenting. Workshops expected to fill fast, book your place now.

Saturday April 22nd:

HELP! Tantrums!

Our otherwise sweet child drops herself on the ground, cries her lungs out, and shakes her limbs in trance… for some kids it happens in a shop, for others when getting dressed, or when having to leave the playground. What is common in these situations is that we, the parents, live the carousel of feelings : shame, anger, desperation, exasperation, powerlessness etc.

We may try to ignore, shout louder, threaten or bribe our child out of the tantrum, but even if our attempt works for a while, the success is short-lived, as our child - more often than not - starts the same scene all over again.

Why do children cry and tantrum, and what can we, the parents do to help them (and ourselves) with the difficult feelings? How can we handle tantrums in a way that does not erode, but on the contrary, strengthens our relationship with our child so we come out of it with a deeper sense of trust and connection?

In this one-day workshop, we will explore and gain insights into these issues and you will get practical tools to:

- prevent tantrums (that are preventable)

- reach your child when he is having big emotions

- help him with his feelings
- stay grounded in the middle of his upheaval
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Sunday April 23rd:

Playful Parenting - how to harness the power of laughter and play to build co-operation and end struggles with your child

Play is the native language of all children in the world, and laughter is like emotional candy. These two - play and laughter - can transform most struggles between parent and child within minutes. And yet, most of us adults are so overwhelmed with the responsibilities of adult life, that we hardly feel the inkling to meet our children where they are at their best: playing and having fun.

However, we make our and their lives much easier, when we start using laughter and play as conscious parenting tools, that can completely replace old-timers like threats, bribes, punishments and rewards. Our struggles with our children need no longer finish in raised voices, guilty feelings, and a distance in our relationship, but - on the contrary - can build an even stronger relationship between us.

In this workshop, we will learn
- how children's brain and emotions work
- about the emotional and physical benefits of laughter and roughhousing
- practical tools to promote laughter without tickling
- strategies to overcome our own resistance to playing and light up own our fun-loving selves
- specific games that can be used to intervene in challenging situations (e.g. sharing toys, leaving the house, going to bed etc.)
- how to help children with their fears through laughter

€25 per day, or €40 for both workshops. Concessions available if price is a barrier, please ask!

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